About Me


My name is Mette it’s a very common name in Denmark, which might be the reason that my style is not that usual. Maybe fed up being common. I don’t know.

I was actually trained to become a teacher but along the way design somehow got to me. It found me, and in 2005 I started a company which I named ‘Base212’. Base212 was a wholesale company designing and distributing homeware to most of Europe and to distributors in Australia and the US.

A lot of designs and travelling later and in fact twelve years later – in 2017 – I sold the company and started breathing normally again.

But the thing is that I cannot help it. Here we are a bit more than three years later. I think in patterns, colors and through my fingers – touching soft textile or a cold piece of Indian stone.

I need to design.

And I need to decorate and to manufacture ideas. I need to make people happy and work with shapes, surfaces and colors.

I am very much into colors. Not any color of course.

I go with a color that I like (or my client likes) e.g. red and the I go crazy in the underlying tones.

Ten years ago one was banned to do so and it was also banned to mix different kinds of woods. That was really off. Today it works great if you ask me. Mixing woods and exploring one color going from tomato red to tender pink. Adding a touch of gold or brass and using both new and old, feminine and edgy things, shapes and materials…

And I can teach you to do so as well. Or do it for you. I can decorate your home. Your store or decorate your booth at fairs. Or design your next interior collection. I can also put it into production – my manufactures would be happy to help out.

Think about it – and now send me an email:


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