Designing & Manufacturing

Through out twelve years of owning ‘Base212’ I have designed lots of homeware. I have designed carpets, pillow cases, candlesticks, bowls, baskets, containers, cutting boards, side tables, mirrors and even a golden bicycle basket etc. – and lot’s of them were bestsellers. Lot’s of them were first movers as well. Both in shape and choice of material.

I can design for you as well.

I have an eye for trends. For colors. For shapes and surfaces.

Maybe you own a store or a chain of stores and you want your own collection. Items you can only buy in your store(s). Or maybe just one item – the item you have dreamt of selling in your store for a while. You will be surprised how few you need to buy in order to have your own unique design.


You own a wholesales company and you need a new line for the next season. Being a part of your brand. Or you have an idea already, you just need a manufacturer to carry out your idea.

I have connections for manufacturing as well. Mainly in India. I can both design and lead the communication with the manufacturer until the collection / your items are in stock. Ready for sales.