Bestsellers – A Tiny Peek

Sidetable in copper (or brass) sold in both ‘The Line NYC’ and Spartan Shop in Portland. The first to present copper in 2012 and the rest is history.
Container in either copper, brass or chrome with a marble lid. Among the first to present marble.
One of my first designs from 2006 – a cut out doormat for indoor or outdoor use. The first to dare to cut in a carpet.
A flowerpot holder for balconies. Came in two sizes and in black, copper and brass. Presented these in 2014 starting the ‘plant-trend’ among interior-people.
Glass containers in pearl colors with a brass lid. One of the first to restart the rainbow-effect in glass.
In 2014 I presented these christmas decorations in four sizes and in black and brass.
A classic – candleholders in smoked oak. Came in eight models and were manufactured in Denmark.
Bicycle basket in brass with removable hoops designed in 2013 and since then a lot of metal bicycle baskets came along.
Purse in cork with layers of gold foil underneath the cork textile. I presented this in 2008, before cork went crazy (again since the 70s)
Woolen carpets that came in four color versions in this popular pattern. Came in three sizes and were a Japanese export hit.
Hanging pots for flowers in brass from 2013 – and wauw a lot of redesigns followed and still do.
Ceramic mugs in geometrical patterns from 2013.
A handcut woolen carpet from 2016 in grey, rose and off white.
Cuttingboard in green marble 2015. Came in white marble and in palowa too and furthermore in a round shape.